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by Jordan Johnson on BeenieBean

Love the t-shirt I bought!!!

I really appreciate what beeniebean is doing to make some much-needed improvements in the children's clothing industry. When I go to Target or Walmart or any other place to shop for my children's clothes they're always so divided by gender and it really gets on my nerves. Since when can a girl not like science and sports? I'm glad to support and recommend this company and I love the t-shirt I bought!!!

by Dyg Maysun on BeenieBean

My boy LOVES his favorite shirt

If this shirt is clean, this kid is wearing it!! Thank you for not limiting colors based on gender. My boy LOVES his favorite shirt in his favorite color, PINK.

by Denesha Smith on BeenieBean

I am so in love!

I was referred to this website by a friend of mine to check out this website and I am so in love! It's not every day that I can find a clothes' company that makes everyone feel welcome. I love that there are sports shirts that both boys and girls can wear. I am definitely going to buy some more shirts this holiday season.

by Farah Musallam on BeenieBean

I will definitely be buying again

I bought a few of these cute shirts for my friend's daughter for her birthday and she absolutely loves them! I was trying to find shirts that were outside the norm for a young girl and these shirts were exactly what I was looking for. My friend's daughter isn’t into all the glitter and girly stuff young girls so it was a little difficult to find the perfect gift, till I found Beeniebean!

They have dark colored shirts for girls, too. I bought a deep blue shirt which said “Mommy’s #1 Draft Pick” with a football on it because she loves to play football with her brothers. I also bought a green shirt with a little girl throwing a football. The shirts are also 100% cotton and super soft, which I feel like are difficult to find in kids clothes. I would highly recommend these shirts to any of my friends for their kids. I will definitely be buying again.

by Chelsea Craig on BeenieBean

Girl power!

Girl power! This company has the right idea - letting kids be kids and not dividing sports and interests by gender. Love that the girl shirts have sports graphics (the football player is a girl with long hair!) and you can choose any color for any graphic. I was nervous about ordering online with what the quality would be for such a great price but they are soft and the graphics look great - they were a birthday present and a hit, will definitely be ordering more with holidays coming!