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We're on a mission to let kids be kids, one T-Shirt at a time.

When you walk into any big-box clothing store, it’s always the same story. The girls’ section is covered from head to toe in pink, sparkles, and unicorns. Boys, on the other hand, have a selection of muted colors and uninspiring messages about trucks and football.

Children aren’t born with an understanding of gender stereotypes. These ideas are learned over time, as society repeatedly echoes “this is for girls” and “this is for boys.” It sends the message that girls are meant to be pretty, amenable, and delicate, while boys must be smart, tough, and athletic.

After having our daughter, we had to confront the issue ourselves. She had such a struggle finding clothes that fit her interests and ambitions. There just weren’t any options that celebrated a young girl’s love of football. Her current life goal is to be an NFL quarterback and we can’t see any reason that she should feel otherwise. 

As our family grew and our son came along, we were even more convinced that there was an urgent problem with the state of extremely gendered kids’ clothing. We had to make a conscious effort to disrupt messages of toxic masculinity. Of course, he’s perfectly content playing with a dollhouse before crashing his cars into each other. Much like our daughter, our son is a well-rounded human being and enjoys exploring all kinds of things.

This got us thinking. What if we could give our kids more? More options. More themes and colors. More opportunities to express their true selves. Could that be the catalyst for gender equality? 

That’s where BeenieBean comes in. We want to ensure every kid  feels comfortable in their clothes. By creating apparel that shatters traditional gender stereotypes, we empower kids to stake their claim in whatever drives them to dig deeper.

As parents, we know  a child’s imagination, creativity, and dreams are limitless. BeenieBean wants to make sure they have the clothing options to reflect their passions, regardless of whether they are a girl or a boy. 

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