Turning boys into girls? Not us.

Why can’t we let boys be boys and girls be girls? 

This ,

NOT these  

What are we at beeniebean.com trying to do?  That has been a common question directed at an ad we put out 3 weeks ago.  They are telling us there are genetic, physiological and psychological differences between the genders they should be celebrated.  

We see problems with that kind of thinking.  It assumes gender is binary and there is nocross over.  

It ignores the spectrum of human behavior and emotional understanding.  It requires “nurturing” boys into emotionless automatons who don’t cry.  If you have ever watched March Madness, you’ve seen a lot of grown boys crying. We think it is ok and healthy to express feelings constructively when things go your way and when they don’t.  

If you separate people into groups, invariably one group of people will be privileged over another.  To maintain the hierarchy social norms are constructed to maintain the imbalance.  Which was established solely based on physical size and strength.  From that the patriarchy works feverishly to shunt kids onto different paths.  One group, boys, are free to explore, do and achieve.  The other group, girls, are required to take the back seat, limit their aspirations and be happy about it.  

This process starts even before birth, with gender reveal parties.  Gifts for girls direct them to be domestic.  Boys are directed towards adventures and being fierce.  It starts with the kinds of clothes, the colors, the ornamentation, quality, fit and messaging.  beeniebean.com's messaging says all options are accessible and open to all genders.  Let kids be kids and allow their talents and interests to lead.

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