About Us: Our Story

Shopping for clothes for my daughter, I couldn’t find nice things at reasonable prices.

At every store, there were the same hassles.

  • • Quality products were overpriced 
  • • Girls’ items were only unicorns, princesses and still-life decorations. They weren’t doing things!
  • • Clothes for a 5-year-old looked like miniature versions of things intended for 25-year-olds
  • • Boys’ items were always sports- or truck-themed with muted, dull and dark colors

After five years of frustration, here’s the first step to a solution: let kids be kids.

Welcome to BeenieBean!

My daughter,

My inspiration for BeenieBean, has two main life goals. Her first is to become a NFL quarterback. Her contract will stipulate that both mom and dad will have unfettered access to the sidelines during all games.

After retiring as a future first ballot Hall of Famer, her second goal is to become a captain of a Federation ship. Voyager or Enterprise – yet to be decided. She is already planning trips to San Francisco to visit Star Fleet Academy.

Why BeenieBean? It’s her nickname. My first thought when looking at her 12 week ultrasound was “She looks like a jellybean.”