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We’re on a mission to let kids be kids, one T-shirt at a time.

Our designs intentionally push beyond gender stereotypes, offering fun and exciting themes for every kid. Inspired by our own children, we believe creating apparel that empower kids to stake their claim in whatever drives them to dig deeper, without societal pressure and expectations, is one step closer to gender equality as a whole. We know it’s a small step, but it’s an important one. With a commitment to quality and ethical sourcing, parents can feel good about every purchase from BeenieBean.

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Let them shoot for the stars because the sky is their limit! Your child has a world of potential. Remind them that they can be ANYTHING they want to be. If they’re going to win big, they have to Dream Big first! Keep them aiming high with an out-of-this-world T-shirt.

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I really appreciate what beeniebean is doing to make some much-needed improvements in the children's clothing industry. When I go to Target or Walmart or any other place to shop for my children's clothes they're always so divided by gender and it really gets on my nerves. Since when can a girl not like science and sports? I'm glad to support and recommend this company and I love the t-shirt I bought!!!

Jordan Johnson

I was referred to this website by a friend of mine to check out this website and I am so in love! It's not every day that I can find a clothes' company that makes everyone feel welcome. I love that there are sports shirts that both boys and girls can wear. I am definitely going to buy some more shirts this holiday season.

Denesha Smith